Thursday, December 27, 2007

Cabbage Patch!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas! We celebrated this year with family and hosted in our house. I got to decorate our house this year! We lived in base housing the last 3 years and it was just too small and crowded to really decorate with a big tree and all. Are you ready for the new year? 2008, wow! Im turning 30 soon! I certainly dont feel like Im getting older or even look it, but I am!

We got one of our daughters a cabbage patch doll for Christmas. She's been wanting a baby of her own to play with, so we got her one! My youngest daughter got a cabbage patch doll last year on her birthday, and the poor thing doesnt have any clothes anymore because my daughter lost them! So with the introduction of the new cabbage patch in the family, Elissa, I thought I would crochet some cabbage patch doll clothes for them!

I've already started on a dress in pink cotton-ease yarn. I will share a picture as soon as Im done with it (this weekend). Then I have to write out the pattern. It's for the 16" size cabbage patch kid.

Next I will be making footie pajamas, and then some overalls! I want to make a 4th set also to make it a complete cabbage patch clothing set. Any Ideas?? Maybe a sweater and pants? Or a tank top with shorts? Let me know what you think! Would you be interested in crochet patterns for cabbage patch dolls? I've seen other crochet designs on eBay, and Im sorry but I have to say I think mine are going to be much cuter for a little girl doll! If you like my girls designs, then you'll like my cabbage patch designs :o)

Let me know what you think! I have another crochet contract coming up in January, so I want to at least get 2 designs out before then.