Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Hello! I told you I would post my proof shots when I got paid from doing this online business. I received payment for my 3rd prize today so I wanted to post the first 3 payout prizes I have received by doing this new online venture.

Click the pictures for the larger view!

My first payment $120 ~

My second payment $320 ~

My third payment $480 ~

I used paint shop pro to 'import, screen capture' the page in my paypal account to capture these screen shots to post. I also post these payments on the message board to show proof of prize received.

Im doing well with this, and Im glad I stuck with it after the first couple of weeks! Like I said, it's not a make money quick scheme, it does take time to go through the first step - but when you are patient and wait until you have enough money from doing step 1 to then move onto step 2, these big payouts from your prizes is where the money really comes in. Takes a little over a month or longer depending on how much time you spend to do this, but it's worth it! My payments are proof of that!

Monday, September 17, 2007

More Jewels!

I have been having fun lately with my jewels! I made my daughter a gymnastics bag for when she goes to her meets, she can put her warm up suit and grips in her bag. The team doesnt have a team bag yet, so I made her this so her coach doesnt have to carry around their warm up suits all evening while they compete!

Here's the shirt I bejeweled for myself when we go to the meets ~

And the girls' coach's shirt that I did for her ~

Now to make another bag for my other daughter with her name on it too! Just having a lot of fun with these :o)

Here's my silly girl at her first preliminary competition last week ~

Only 2 more sanctioned meets to go! Then she can relax and do the non sanctioned meets with my older daughter (who did not do the sanctioned meets).

Thursday, September 6, 2007

BeJewel Me!

I have used my bejeweler a few times since I got it over a year ago. Last week my daughters' gymnastics coach asked if I could bejewel the Jets name for her to wear on a black tank top for the first sanctioned competition this season. Well, I thought how am I going to do that and still make it look good? I came across a few tutorials online that shows how to attach the rhinestone jewels onto a piece of mylar or sticky paper to then iron on to the shirt! So I printed out the word Jets in my favorite font, turned that paper backwards (so the letters were backwards), placed my sticky paper (sticky side up) on top of the printed paper, peeled back the white backing of the sticky paper, taped it down, and then placed my jewels (shiny side down, glue side up) on it with some tweezers! I placed the white backing back onto my sticky paper, then cut it down to size. Turned it over to reveal the shiny jewels and Im done!

Now, my daughters' coach can take the backing off, place her pattern onto her shirt, then, placing a towel over it to protect the plastic, iron the jewels onto the shirt. Turn the shirt inside out, place the thin towel over it, and iron it again. Tear off the sticky paper, run your fingers over it for any loose jewels, and wear it proudly!

Here's what it looks like when I finished the design. I will be sure to grab a picture of her wearing her shirt to show you what it looks like on!