Monday, July 23, 2007

Odds n Ends

Well good! It looks like I will be creating the earring tutorial then! Thank you for the input!

I am finishing up the item for the crochet contract to mail out in a couple of days. I will begin working on the earring tutorial after that!

We said goodbye to one of our kittens this last Saturday. She is 5 months old and flew all the way to Florida to be a breeding girl in Ultimate Rags cattery. She is a super sweet girl, full of love and cuddles!

One last picture before leaving for the airport ~

Our newest litter of 3 kittens are 9 days old today! Our other female is due with her kittens in a week! So the two sets of litters will be approx. 2 weeks apart in age. Close enough to play with eachother when they all get older! Im very excited about this next litter and cant wait to see what colors we get from that breeding!

Lena all settled in to her new home here ~

Tessa's kittens at 5 days old ~

Well, I better get off this computer and go crochet!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Would you be interested?

If I created a tutorial on how to make crystal/beaded little girls earrings (ok, because I wear them too they arent just for little girls)? I thought about creating an e-book complete with plenty of pictures, list of tools & accessories needed to create the earrings, where I purchase my supplies, and offer it as a free e-book with any crochet pattern purchase. I love making these dangle earrings to match my crochet creations for my girls to wear.

My tutorial will show the wrap around post design, instead of it cutting off at the loop.

Let me know if this is something I should consider doing, or not.

Thanks for any input!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

New kitty cat!

Our new cat arrived today! She came to us all the way from Florida and arrived by airplane this afternoon. Our cat Dory (5 month old, kitten of our two cats Buddy and Tessa) will be going to live with the breeder who sent us our new cat. Her name is Lena and she's 2 years old. She was bred prior to being sent to us and is due at the end of this month. She's a huge sweetheart and is a welcome addition to our cattery :o) Right now she's getting used to a new house and new people. I know by this time next week she'll fit right in with everyone.

Lena (short for Adelena) is a seal tortie point and white Ragamuffin. She has brown and cream markings (like a calico kind of) with lots of white. She has gorgeous big blue eyes too. We are all very excited to have her here :o)

Sunday, July 1, 2007

My Little Gymnasts

My girls are entering this gymnastics season as Level 5 gymnasts and will be competing at sectionals and will try to qualify for state. Along with that are also regular (non sanctioned) meets to give them the practice for the sanctioned meets. For both girls to compete it will cost us up near $2,000. If they dont compete, we still have to pay coaches fees for the meets and whatnot. Their leotards and warm up suits (which are required) alone cost us $700 for both girls. My girls work hard at practice and there's no better way to award their hard work but to let them go to competitions.

As a young girl, I was not given the opportunities to do the things that we are now giving our girls. Any sport they want to try, we want to be able to give them that opportunity. But it sure can get expensive! My husband was a football player in high school, he knows the dedication and hard work it takes. He says that being able to play the games was the icing on the cake. There was no reason to work hard in practice if he didnt get to play the game. Same goes for the girls in gymnastics. There's no reason for them to do their best, give that dedication, and work hard if there is nothing to benefit from it. If they have to watch their friends compete and win awards and medals, and not be in it themselves as well.

Anyhow, I have been working hard on getting patterns out and working on client's website updates to be able to put that money aside for their gymnastics costs. My youngest daughter is also in gymnastics and as soon as she turns 5, she will be straight to level 4 and competing also - if she's still interested in it by then. Even if my girls move on out of gymnastics, there are still other sports (including dance class) that the girls want to try. Gymnastics is a year round sport, they are always practicing and learning new techniques.

I hope to put together a website for our gymnastics team, Vandenberg AFB Jets Gymnastics. If not, then a website for my girls for the team. Right now we are looking for sponsors for the team to try to cut down the costs of the season's fees. I hate to ask for donations for this, so the patterns that I sell are now going to help pay for my girls gymnastics. I wasnt using that money in the past for that because we werent sure where we were going with gymnastics. But now that the girls are working hard for this next season, any extra money I make from patterns and web design will go toward this season - unless of course we get enough sponsors to support their cost this year.

Im going to work on getting a website put up for them. If you would like to support my girls or the team, let me know! :o)

Thanks for listening to me!